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interest - madridshop Search Resultsmadridshop Web SearchmadridshopSettings Home Mail News Finance Fantasy Sports Shopping Weather Lifestyle Help SettingsSign InSearch query All Images Videos News Local Shopping More Anytime Anytime Past day Past week Past month Also try: interest calculator , interest rates , interest rates today Dictionary in·ter·est /ˈint(ə)rəst/ noun 1. the state of wanting to know or learn about something or someone: "she looked about her with interest" Similar attentiveness undivided attention absorption engrossment heed regard notice scrutiny curiosity inquisitiveness enjoyment delight Opposite boredom ▪ a feeling of wanting to know or learn about (something): "he developed an interest in art" ▪ the quality of exciting curiosity or holding the attention: "a tale full of interest" Similar attraction appeal fascination charm beauty allure allurement temptation tantalization ▪ a subject about which one is concerned or enthusiastic: "my particular interest is twentieth-century poetry" Similar hobby pastime leisure activity leisure pursuit recreation entertainment diversion amusement relaxation passion enthusiasm informal: thing bag scene cup of tea 2. money paid regularly at a particular rate for the use of money lent, or for delaying the repayment of a debt: "the monthly rate of interest" Similar dividends profits returns a percentage a gain 3. the advantage or benefit of a person or group: "the merger is not contrary to the public interest" Similar concern business business matter matter care affairs ▪ the selfish pursuit of one's own welfare; self-interest. archaic 4. a stake, share, or involvement in an undertaking, especially a financial one: "holders of voting rights must disclose their interests" Similar stake share portion claim investment stock equity involvement participation concern involvement partiality partisanship preference loyalty one-sidedness favoritism bias prejudice ▪ a legal concern, title, or right in property: "third parties having an interest in a building" 5. a group or organization having a specified common concern, especially in politics or business: "the regulation of national interests in India, Brazil, and Africa" verb 1. excite the curiosity or attention of (someone): "I thought the book might interest Eric" Similar be of interest to appeal to attract be attractive to intrigue fascinate absorb engross rivet grip hold captivate amuse divert entertain arouse one's curiosity whet one's appetite hold one's attention engage one's attention informal: float someone's boat tickle someone's fancy light someone's fire arouse someone's interest in persuade to buy sell Opposite bore ▪ cause someone to undertake or acquire (something): "efforts were made to interest her in a purchase" Word Origin late Middle English (originally as interess): from Anglo-Norman French interesse, from Latin interesse ‘differ, be important’, from inter- ‘between’ + esse ‘be’. The -t was added partly by association with Old French interest ‘damage, loss’, apparently from Latin interest ‘it is important’. The original sense was ‘the possession of a share in or a right to something’; hence interest (sense 4 of the noun). interest (sense 1 of the noun) and the verb arose in the 18th century interest (sense 2 of the noun) was influenced by medieval Latin interesse ‘compensation for a debtor's defaulting’. Scrabble Points: 8 I 1 N 1 T 1 E 1 R 1 E 1 S 1 T 1 Powered by Oxford Dictionaries More definitions, origin and scrabble points Interest | Definition of Interest by Merriam-Webster › dictionary › interest Cached Interest definition is - a feeling that accompanies or causes special attention to something or someone : concern. How to use interest in a sentence. Interest Definition - Investopedia › terms › i Cached Nov 25, 2020 · Interest is the charge for the privilege of borrowing money, typically expressed as annual percentage rate . Interest can also refer to the amount of ownership a stockholder has in a company ... Interest | Definition of Interest at › browse › interest Cached Interest definition, the feeling of a person whose attention, concern, or curiosity is particularly engaged by something: She has a great interest in the poetry of Donne. Interest Synonyms, Interest Antonyms | Merriam-Webster Thesaurus › thesaurus › interest Cached 32 synonyms of interest from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 60 madridshop words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for interest. Interest: a legal right to participation in the advantages, profits, and responsibility of something. Pinterest Discover recipes, home ideas, style inspiration and other ideas to try. INTEREST Synonyms: 148 Synonyms & Antonyms for INTEREST ... › browse › interest Cached Find 148 ways to say INTEREST, along with antonyms, madridshop words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Interest Calculator › interest-calculator Cached Interest is the compensation paid by the borrower to the lender for the use of money as a percent or an amount. The concept of interest is the backbone behind most financial instruments in the world. There are two distinct methods of accumulating interest, categorized into simple interest or compound interest. Simple Interest Mortgages with your best interests in mind | Cached Mortgages with your best interests in mind. Consider us your mortgage gurus. We’re here to get rid of the confusing lingo and convoluted processes to make the whole home buying, home refinancing experience easier than it’s ever been before. People also search for Also Try interest rates interest synonym interest calculator interest thesaurus compound interest calculator pinterest login mortgage interest rates simple interest12345Next60,500,000 results SettingsHelpSuggestionsPrivacy(Updated) Terms(Updated) AdvertiseAbout adsAbout this pagePowered by Bing™